Blog? Really?

October 28, 2014

Well, having committed myself to doing a better job of keeping my Stinger Games website alive, here we are another shot at a blog.

I guess the bigger story is that I've got three games on the horizon...

First, Sumo Boom. A totally new take on fighting games. In a lot of ways, it's an experiment and an exploration. It's just so different in terms of gameplay with two button controls and completely physics based powered ragdoll animation. And it looks pretty slick too with its papercraft-ish look.

Second, Retro Hockey. Which is like your old NES Ice Hockey or Blades of Steel hooked up with Stinger Table Hockey and had little voxel baby hockey players. Oh, that also has some ragdoll physics too for bodychecks. Sweet!

Third, War Control. I've put a ton of work into it. But had to step back for a bit as it got really big. I probably overloaded myself with what it is. And still wanted a few more things to be just right. Well after finishing up Sumo and Hockey, then this nuclear bad boy can be unleashed! (side note: in interest of peace and happy existence here on Earth, let's keep the nukes in the game, not in real life!)

The good news is that I've setup some Python scripts to do most of the work for me using templates, much like Jekyll. I should have probably just used their tool. But stubborn me wanted things setup just the way I like it, and after all I'm a programmer.

Including setting things up so I can blog from my iPhone. So I can do posts as the day wraps up and I can get my thoughts out before my brain shuts down.

So wish me luck keeping this alive.